Touch of a Colonial Style…

749A0086“The Villa Hotel & Restaurant” in Unawatuna is an exceptional experience in style, service and location. Facing the Indian Ocean and the white beach of Unawatuna, “The Villa Hotel & Restaurant” combines modern lifestyle with the classic decor of the colonial past of Sri Lanka.

“The Villa”, as well as each one of it’s rooms have been decorated with fine details of Clay, Stone, Wood and furnished up with up to 120 years old antique furniture and Unique Pieces of Colonial Art. Relax in one of these colonial retreats and enjoy services that include air conditioning, mini-bar, WiFi and Satellite TV, etc.. 

Best Food Ever…

749A9967Spacious, well appointed tropical garden setting which compliments our open pavilion style restaurant makes “The Villa Hotel & Restaurant” one of the first addresses on Sri Lanka’s South Coast.

Our Spectacular Beach-side Restaurant offers “Special Sea Food Dishes” and wide variety of Western and Eastern cuisine as well.  In “Villa”, fresh & healthy dishes are always promoted.

A range of traditional Sri Lankan dishes and vegetarian options can be prepared to cater for individual guest’s requirements. Beach BBQ’s, Mongolian and Live Action Cooking is frequently done during busy periods. 

Star Class Rooms…

749A9811At “The Villa” we offer Exclusive rooms to ensure the total satisfaction of our guests. Furnished with up to 120 years old antique furniture, four-poster King Sized bed and all modern facilities like air conditioning, mini-bar and satellite TV “The Villa”has a very unique flair. The spacious grotto-style designer bathrooms, painted in warm colors, are a perfect extension to the rooms.



Superior Customer Service…


People of Sri Lanka are best known for their friendliness and hospitality. This unique quality can be experienced at “The Villa” in Unawatuna, Galle, Sri Lanka as well. Staff at “The Villa” is always ready to welcome our customers with a touch of superior customer service which has been highly commented by many of our customers as highlighted in the “Testimonials” section.

As a superior service provider The Villa facilitates the guests with Currency Exchanging, On-Call Doctor Service and all kinds of transportation services including Airport Pick-Up, Airport Drop-Down & Tour Packages as well. Regardless if you are looking for a romantic treat or you want to get pampered by our in-house Ayurveda SPA Treatments The Villa Hotel in Unawatuna is your place to go to. Are you planning to have your Wedding according to Sri Lankan customs  ? Then “The Villa” is the perfect answer. For business travelers we offer all communication services including high-speed Internet access.

Unawatuna, a Legend…

roomaUnawatuna is a coastal town in Galle district of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna is a major tourist attraction in Sri Lanka and famous for its beautiful beach and corals. It is a suburb of Galle city which is situated about 5 km southeast to the city center. From Ramayana… Unawatuna traces its roots to the great epic Ramayana.

In the mythological epic, the monkey-Hanuman was sent back to India to fetch the four medicinal herbs by Jambavan namely, mritasanjeevani, vishalyakarani, suvarnakarani, and sandhani from the Himalayas in order to heal Lakshman who was wounded while the great war between Prince Rama & Great Emperor Ravana. Hanuman failed to identify these herbs, so he lifted the entire mountain and carried it to the battlefield to try to save Lakshman, but in the process, a chunk of it “fell-down” in the location of the present day Unawatuna, the name of the village derives from “Una-watuna” meaning “fell down“.


Mangrove Unawatuna is truly rich in its biodiversity. Unfortunately, its greatest potential attraction for eco-tourism was the marsh land or Mangrove called Kadolana which was partially destroyed, dredged and filled up to build a chain hotel which never got off the ground. Many locals believe it to have been cursed for being built at the doorstep of the Wella Devalaya. Over 60 species of endemic birds, including Terns, Egrets, Herons, Sandpipers, Kingfishers, as well as rarer species such as the Lesser Whistling Duck, the Asian Palm Swift, the White Breasted Waterhen, the Turnstone Loten’s Sunbird, and the Black Bittern have been sighted in the locality by the ornithologist, Clive Byers. These birds are mostly sighted in the remaining marshy area and Rumassala Hillock. Off the coast of Unawatuna, beneath the Indian Ocean lies a number of coral reefs, shipwrecks, and a great variety of fish and turtles. The turtles still wade onto the shore to lay their nests and eggs, and at times, as if to lay first claim to the sandy shore now invaded by the tourists and dotted by restaurateurs, even go right into the beach front restaurants . The Rumassala coral reefs at the east end of the Galle Harbor attract divers, but are now endangered due to possible port development. Eco treks in the shrub jungles of Rumassala are also available.